Gossamer Games is a new Philadelphia-based independent game studio creating ambitious aesthetic-driven experiences that explore games as an empathetic and expressive art form.

Gossamer Games was born out of a curiosity in the untapped potential of mobile games as emotional gameplay experiences. Formed by a small group of bright-eyed Drexel University undergrads through the Entrepreneurial Game Studio, Gossamer has since grown into a team of diverse and incredibly talented artists eager to push the boundaries of gaming through timeless design and boundless creativity.

Our mission is to make accessible games that allow players to create, explore, and perform inside imaginative environments. We believe that video games are the ultimate medium for exploring new perspectives that let us see the world in a new light.

Thomas Sharpe


Thomas Sharpe co-founded Gossamer Games in 2015 where he currently acts as the studio's creative director. Interested in connecting people through shared playing experiences, his primary focus is designing unique gameplay mechanics that alter players' perception of the world around them. Thomas's work explores video games as a medium for powerful empathetic experiences based on abstracting our everyday thoughts and feelings.

Nina DeLucia

Senior 3D / Texture Artist

Nina DeLucia is a Digital Artist and 3D Environment Artist for Gossamer Games. Nina graduated Drexel University in 2016 with an Animation and Visual Effects major, dual Fine Art and Art History minors, and a passion for designing beautiful and mysterious games. Her first two years spent as a Game Art and Production major laid the foundation for her work on all kinds of games - from single to co-op, and mobile to VR. In her free time, she’s usually watching her favorite Anime and munching on homemade shortbread cookies.

Vincent De Tommaso

Senior Environment Artist

Vincent is interested in one thing: building worlds. When he was little, he built sprawling cardboard cities out of old shoe boxes and HotWheels cars. Today, he lends his 3D modeling skills to the team, constructing many of the buildings and environments you’ll explore throughout the game. His diverse work experience in law and finance also make him a valuable asset to the group.

Nabeel Ansari

Composer / Sound Designer

Nabeel Ansari is a fan of the fantastical, seeking to build worlds and emotion through music and technology. He studies a hybrid degree in Applied Mathematics and Music and works both in the virtual instrument and game audio industries. His soundtrack work can range from sombre evocation to dramatic catharsis, and his virtual instrument work appears in the music of many professional composers.