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Philadelphia, PA, United States

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October 27, 2015

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Gossamer Games is a new Philadelphia-based independent game studio creating ambitious aesthetic-driven experiences that explore games as an empathetic and expressive art form.

Gossamer Games was born out of a curiosity in the untapped potential of mobile games as emotional gameplay experiences. Formed by a small group of bright-eyed Drexel University undergrads through the Entrepreneurial Game Studio, Gossamer has since grown into a team of diverse and incredibly talented artists eager to push the boundaries of gaming through timeless design and boundless creativity.

Our mission is to make accessible games that allow players to create, explore, and perform inside imaginative environments. We believe that video games are the ultimate medium for exploring new perspectives that let us see the world in a new light.


Originally formed through an experimental college incubation center called the Entrepreneurial Game Studio, Gossamer Games started as a small team of Drexel University undergrads eager to help diversify the mobile games marketplace with aesthetic-driven gameplay experiences. Surrounded by pool of talented artists and developers, Gossamer was founded in 2015 when the team began working on early prototypes for Sole.

Having finished classes and graduated from the university, the Gossamer team has been forced to restructure and reform to face the harsh realities of being a brand new indie studio startup. As new developers straight out of college, the lack of industry knowledge and experience has made it exceptionally difficult to compete against thousands of professional development studios for funding and media coverage. Nevertheless, the team continues to push forward in the industry, dedicating as much time and energy to the company as possible.

Today, Sole is being developed by our team of three incredibly talented cross-disciplinary artists and orchestrated by a truly exceptional composer. This project marks the very first longform game production for everyone on the team. Despite the game’s tremendously ambitious technical and creative designs, minimum resources and funding, and a constant stream of setbacks and rejections, our drive to realize the lofty vision for Sole has jump started our careers as game designers.


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