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Explore a world shrouded in darkness and uncover its mysterious past by transforming the land with light

Sole is an abstract, aesthetic-driven mobile adventure where you play as the only source of light in a world shrouded in darkness. Wander through desolate environments, painting the land with light as you discover its mysterious past. Explore the remnants of great cities and uncover the history of an ancient civilization on your journey to restore life to an abandoned world. With lush 3D graphics, a beautiful orchestral soundtrack, and innovative controls, Sole offers an emotional mobile gaming experience unlike any other.

Coming 2017

Take a look!

PC Demo

For high-end desktops running Windows 8 or 10.

Mac Demo

For high-end Macs running Sierra

Android Demo

For new(ish) Android phones and tablets on Lollipop or newer

iOS Demo*


For new(ish) iPhones and iPads

*Please send an email request to join our TestFlight program to

Hardware Requirements

Sole has been designed for phones, tablets, and desktop platforms. On mobile, the game will only run on devices released in 2016 or later. On desktop, the game can be played with keyboard & mouse or (preferably) gamepad.

Pleasure to meet you Fig!

Thomas Sharpe


Nina DeLucia

3D / Texture Artist

Vincent De Tommaso

Environment Artist

Nabeel Ansari


Gossamer Games is a new Philadelphia-based independent game studio creating ambitious aesthetic-driven experiences that explore games as an empathetic and expressive art form. Originally formed by a group of bright-eyed Drexel University undergrads through the Entrepreneurial Game Studio incubator, Gossamer has grown into a small team of artists eager to push the boundaries of gaming.

Mobile games can be so much more than just time wasters. We believe that video games have the potential to be the most influential artistic medium of this generation. With the proliferation of indie game development and the explosion of accessible gaming on phones and tablets, there has never been a better opportunity to create emotionally engaging gameplay experiences that have lasting impacts on audience of all backgrounds and skill levels.

Here's What We Need


We are currently seeking $150,000 USD to fund 9 months of full-time production that will allow us to take our current alpha build to completion. This would allow us to conduct our initial launch on iOS and Android platforms. The majority of the funds raised will go to covering development costs and studio operation, but also includes funds for taking the game to various industry events and festivals.

We are also currently seeking additional funding from publishing partners that will allow us to expand our development team and create a more robust marketing campaign. Because the game has been designed for desktop in addition to mobile, we are also looking to bring the game to more platforms after initial launch. Should we surpass our base goal on FIG, our stretch goals would contribute to these goals.

The estimated project budget spreadsheet can be downloaded here.

Here's What That Let's Us Do


Sole has been in development for about a year and a half as a part-time hobby project. Over this time, we’ve established a strong vision for the entire playing experience and have built a tremendous team to realize this vision. We are currently seeking funding that will allow us to finish the game within 9 months of full-time production. A very broad breakdown of the development schedule leading up to the initial release in Summer 2018 can be seen above.